KD Jebat

FFG 29 KD Hang Jebat is a guided missile frigate currently serving under the Royal Malaysian Navy and one of the major naval assets for Malaysia. Jebat serves in the 23rd Frigate Squadron of the Royal Malaysian Navy under Captain Aris Aditan Bin Abdullah. The ships, built by Yarrow Shipbuilders (now BAE Systems Surface Fleet Solutions) in Glasgow, United Kingdom, are based on the FS 2000 light frigate design. The Lekiu was launched in December 1994 while the Jebat was launched in May 1995 and commissioned in May 1999. The Jebat carries the lower pennant number (F 29) to signify the seniority of this ship, which accommodates the Admiral of the Royal Malaysian Navy. (Hang Jebat succeeded Hang Tuah as Laksamana (Admiral) of the Malacca Sultanate, while Hang Lekiu was never made a Laksamana.) The ship was a huge jump in capability compared to the frigates then operated by the Royal Malaysian Navy, the F24 KD Rahmat and F76 KD Hang Tuah (ex-HMS Mermaid). Nevertheless, the delivery and operational status of Jebat were delayed due to integration of combat systems problems. The purchase of this ship also involved a major Transfer of Technology program as well as an offset program where some portion of the contract value would involve purchases and services contracted to Malaysian companies.


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